You want to relax and enjoy yourself during vacation, but that can sometimes include unhealthy behavior.  From calorie overload to extra lazy days, it can be difficult to maintain a fitness routine while you are away.  Planning to travel sometime this season? Thinking and planning ahead can help you avoid common spring break mistakes. Here are a few tips to help you have a healthy, stress free trip.
Eat Fresh:
While on vacation it can be so easy to grab what is quick, including fast food and snacks high in calories.  Plan ahead and pack some alternative snacks to take with you.  Pack a cooler with fresh fruit, carrot sticks, yogurt, string cheese and water.  Pack a can of nuts, pretzels and other nutritious snacks that will travel well. When eating out, find out where the locals go for their fresh seafood. Grab some salmon or the fresh catch of the day and have it grilled instead of fried.  If you must try that dessert, many restaurants offer “mini” versions of their big desserts or get one dessert to share with the table – this way you get your treat without blowing your caloric intake in one seating.
Don’t drink your calories:
Who doesn’t love a fun umbrella drink while on vacation?  Yet alcohol has 7 kcal per gram, whereas carbohydrates and protein only have 4.  So in addition to the corn syrup and other sweeteners bartenders often put in these drinks, alcohol can be very high in calories.  Pick and choose your time for mixed drinks; view it as a treat like dessert.
Use the gym:
So many resorts and cruise ships offer free usage of their gyms/spas with state of the art equipment.  Some even offer classes to keep you motivated and having fun while on your vacation.  Plan on getting up just 30 minutes – 1 hour early or take a mid afternoon break from the sun and visit the gym for a quick workout.  Consider scheduling a spa visit following your workout for the sauna or a massage.  Afterwards you will feel energized and ready for the rest of the day.
Plan an outdoor activity:
For the more adventurous types, planning an outdoor activity can be just what your vacation needs.  Adrenaline junkies may want to try zip-lines, water skiing or jet skiing.  Perhaps your family would enjoy a scenic hike that leads to a beautiful overview.  Depending on where your vacation has taking you, you might try snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking or even the newest trend of paddle boarding.  All of these will keep you active as well as making vacation memories.
Finally, don’t forget to sleep.  Keeping sleep patterns during vacation is difficult, we tend to stay up too late and then sleep away great hours of daylight.  Trying to keep some sort of sleep pattern during vacation will not only keep you healthier, it will keep you feeling more energized to truly enjoy all the trip has to offer.



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