Tips for making a healthy, colorful, protein packed and delicious power salad that will fuel and fill you up.

salmon salad

The Foundation: Start with 1 – 2 cups of lettuce (per serving) – try combining different types of greens for balance and texture.  You can use romaine, iceberg, spinach, kale, Boston leaf, spring mix, etc.

The Palette (aka color): Add lots of color to your salad by adding veggies like tomatoes, broccoli, peppers (red, yellow, green), purple onions, radishes, carrots, avocado, snow peas, cucumbers.  You can even go outside the box and try zucchini, eggplant and squash.  Also, don’t forget your fruits…mandarin oranges, raisins, dried cranberries, strawberries, etc.  The more color, the better.
The Fuel:  Now for the hunger fighting protein – add lean grilled chicken breasts, lean grass fed beef, grilled shrimp, wild caught grilled salmon or other healthy fish.  Also you can add other proteins such as almonds, walnuts, pecans and sunflower seeds.  For the vegan/vegetarian (or just extra protein) add a scoop of quinoa, black beans, lentils or tofu.
The Dressing:  Finally, nothing will ruin a healthy power salad faster than loading it up with an overdose of fatty, unhealthy salad dressing.  Instead, try an oil and vinegar type blend that you can easily make at home.  Mix 3 parts olive oil to 1 part vinegar base – such as red wine vinegar or flavored vinegar.  (For a bottle – use about 3/4 cup oil and 1/4 cup vinegar; Smaller serving you can use 3 TB oil to 1 TB of vinegar – whisk in a bowl and drizzle over salad).  With all the flavored vinegar based balsamic and olive oils available now you can create a delicious and healthy alternative to fatty and preservative loaded bottle dressings.  Two of my latest combinations are blueberry balsamic and lemon olive oil and pomegranate balsamic and habanera olive oil.  Play around and find your favorite creation and ENJOY!
Paula Jamieson
Atlanta Personal Fitness – a bodyrich company
Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutritionist

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