Walk into any fitness center on any given day and you are bound to see a room full of people with headphones in their ears, bobbing their heads and sometimes even singing out loud.  If you are smiling and nodding your head now, you will be happy to know it is a scientific fact that music can indeed enhance your workout.

5 Reasons to Listen to Music While You Workout:

1)  Music is the “good” kind of distraction:  While listening to music, your body is less aware of how much your body is exerting and can benefit athletic performance by 15%. The more upbeat the music the better but not too fast.  120 – 140 beats for working out and 160 – 180 beats for running is recommended.

2)  Music puts you in “The Zone”:  Most everyone has that go-to “power song” that gets them motivated and in the zone.  Scientists have shown the memory channeling of certain songs boosts motivational power in the brain and actually improves physical performance.

3)  A good beat can help you keep pace and rhythm:  Time signals from the rhythm of your music aids in self pacing during running and weight lifting.  When your brain registers these signals it helps you use your energy more efficiently and evenly.

4)  Music can elevate your mood: No matter what is going on in your life music can help you escape negative thoughts and give you the boost you need to get through your workout.  Music tricks the brains endorphins to kick in to calm and motivate.

5)  Music makes you want to move:  Not motivated to workout?  Can’t seem to get going?  It is almost impossible to sit still when you hear a good song.  The brain gets excited, you start tapping your foot, swaying and begin to move almost involuntary.  Even if you were dreading your workout before, you are suddenly moving and motivated.

So whether you are in to Mozart to Mo-town or Top 40 to Techno, whatever your music preference is, power up your workout and turn up the tunes.

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