The sun has finally arrived and the days are getting longer and warmer. With the arrival of Spring just around the corner, we also get the arrival of a new burst of energy – we feel inspired and energetic, and there’s a sense of renewal of sunny days and an active life.

With this new energy in motion why not take advantage of it and make this the healthiest and fittest season yet? Spring Break is coming as well as beach trips, activities with the kids, yard work, etc. Let us help you look and feel your absolute best this year. Whether you are already active and just want to step up your fitness goals or you have always wanted to get started and just didn’t know where to begin – we can help you meet your goals.

Why get a Personal Trainer? Personal Training is just that….personal. They work with you, at your current level, and make a program that is designed just for you and your fitness goals in mind. Still need convincing? Check out these top 5 reasons to hire a personal trainer:

  1. Motivation: Personal Trainers push you further than you can ever push yourself because they know your limits but they also know your potential. They celebrate your achievements and make you want to get better.
  2. Safety: With a trainer, you are continually trying new things and pushing yourself. They teach you new things and also monitor your technique, making sure you activate the right muscles and don’t hurt yourself. They are there to spot you when you want to increase your weights. You can push yourself further knowing you are safe in doing so.
  3. Accountability: When you set up an appointment for a trainer, and you are paying them, you are going to show up and workout. They will encourage you and also hold you accountable for your progress.
  4. Knowledge: Most people know the basic machines and exercises at the gym but Personal Trainers are constantly researching and staying “in the know”. They love to think outside the box and be inventive, making a new exercise out of random pieces of equipment, things most have never even heard of before. The variety not only keeps your workout fresh and keeps you motivated, it also provides muscle confusion which keeps the results coming.
  5. Workout Companion: With a Personal Trainer you have an automatic workout companion – you never have to wonder if your workout partner will show up on any given workout day.

Curious of what it would be like to hire a Personal Trainer but don’t want to commit right away?  Bodyrich Fitness Company always offers a free consultation and introductory workout. Contact us today and let one of our professional Certified Personal Trainers help you become the best you yet!

678-417-0880 ext. 8301 /

Paula Jamieson

Bodyrich Fitness Company

Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutritionist



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