Motherhood is a tough job – they sacrifice so that others don’t have to. Mother’s day is the perfect time to give your mom something special but many moms have a drawer filled with never-used gifts from Mother’s Day past. This year why not celebrate mom by giving her something that will not only make her feel special on Mother’s Day but will continue to make her feel happy, energetic and healthy for years to come.

Has your mom (or wife) ever expressed an interest in starting a fitness routine? Are they bored with their current workout routine and showed interest in something new? Are you concerned about your mom’s (or wife’s) health? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have the perfect Mother’s Day gift for you.

We are offering the following Mother’s Day Special: Intro to Fitness – $95.00This special includes the following:

  • 3 one-on-one sessions with one of our certified personal trainers at our Personal Training Studio
  • A personalized Nutritional Guideline (designed by our Certified Fitness Nutritionist)
  • A take home workout plan for you to carry on your fitness routine on your own

At the first session we will find out what their fitness goals and/or concerns are, start the first workout, instruct and teach proper form and burn a few calories too. The second session will be a workout and Q&A time; then on the last session, we will send them home with knowledge and safety, a workout plan to continue a fitness routine at home, as well as a nutritional guideline to help continue fitness growth.

Professional Gym Pic

We have a special Mother’s Day gift certificate available at our personal training studio or we can email one to you (or your mom). If you have any questions about this special or our personal training studio in general, please contact us at:  678-417-0880 ext. 8301 /

Paula Jamieson

Bodyrich Fitness Company

Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutritionist


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