“Best Dad Ever” slogan gifts, tools and BBQ items, a plethora of ties…Father’s Day marketing at its best. While these are great and thoughtful gifts, sometimes they may seem too cliché or overdone. If you are looking for something different, this Father’s Day help him de-stress by considering some of these health conscious activities that will not only boost his health but will help you enjoy some quality time together too.


Hiking: Pack up a special Father’s Day picnic and head out for a day hike on a nearby trail. Be sure to pack plenty of water and choose a trail that fits yours (and dad’s) current fitness ability.

Backpacking: If your dad is the real adventurous type, you can take your hiking trip to the next level by strapping on your backpack and tent and making it an overnight hike and camping trip.

Fishing: Whether you fish in a local pond off the bank, go out on a dock or spend the entire day out in a boat, fishing burns calories, offers a great chance to bond and tell stories and if you have a good day, you may even catch a nice healthy Father’s Day dinner as well.

Bike Ride: Again, you can plan out a safe trek and go for a nice bike ride (trail or road) plan on a stop at his favorite sandwich shop or take a bag with his favorite picnic items and plan on a break at the half way point before you head back home.

Run/Race: If you are a running family, plan out a morning run before breakfast. Even better, sign up for a local 5K, 10K or even ½ marathon and then take dad out for his favorite breakfast or brunch afterwards.

Walk-a-thon: If your family are not runners, consider finding a local charity walk-a-thon. Not only will you have a healthy activity and bonding time but you will be helping out a good cause as well.

Swimming: One of the best exercises plus with the summer heat, a great way to spend the day cooling off and having fun. Challenge dad to a race across the pool (and maybe let him win since it is Father’s Day after all).

Golf: If your dad is into golfing, buy him a day at the green. If you are not a golfer yourself, see if you can arrange to ride in the cart or be his personal caddy for the day.

Other: You can always go out for a friendly (or competitive) game of basketball; knock around some tennis balls (whether you play well or not – chasing the balls is always good exercise and good for a laugh or two); throw around a football or Frisbee; if you are lucky enough to live or happen to be out at the beach, go boogie boarding or body surfing.

If your dad is more the sit on the couch, watch TV and just relax kind, that is fine too but if you would like to see him become more active, suggest some of the activities above (and just modify the length or intensity) or you could purchase him a health conscious gift such as a Fitbit (or other calorie/activity tracker); a Garmin watch; heart rate monitor; health magazines; or purchase him sessions to a personal trainer (Bodyrich Fitness Company).

However dear dad decides to spend his day, we hope that he feels special and has a happy and healthy Father’s Day!


Paula Jamieson

Bodyrich Fitness Company

Certified Personal Trainer / Fitness Nutritionist

For info contact us at: 678-417-0880 ext. 8301 / info@bodyrich.com


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