Research shows that you don’t have to lift heavy weights to build muscle strength. Lifting lighter weights can be just as effective if you do it right, and you’re much less likely to hurt yourself. One of the biggest benefits of lifting lighter weights is that it’s easier on the joints — the limiting factor for many older people. Also, many women and runners shy away from doing weightlifting because they are scared that they will “bulk up” too much and look manly or slow down their running performance. Everybody needs to do some kind of resistance training to build muscle strength as they age. Cardiovascular exercise, while important, isn’t enough to maintain muscle mass. With lighter weights you get the benefit of strong lean muscles and bone density without worrying about gaining bulk.


  • A couple of tablespoons of low-sodium vegetable broth can be used instead of oil or butter in your stir fry or as the basis for sauces. This method will add a nice flavor to your dish as well as a little moisture and you’ll save calories to use elsewhere.
  • Say no to the skin. Three ounces of chicken breast meat with skin has almost 150 calories; without the skin it is just under 100. Tasty as it might be, the skin contains unhealthy saturated fat. If you want, you can tuck fresh herbs or citrus underneath the skin when you cook it and then remove the skin before consuming. This saves the calories but gives you the flavor and juiciness.
  • Tangy, fat-free Greek yogurt is a great healthy replacement for sour cream. Try this switch in herbed dips, tacos, baked & mashed potatoes or throw it in a cooked dish as a thickening agent instead of butter and flour. You won’t even notice the difference except for the calorie and fat savings.
  • Add body to soups and sauces with pureed vegetables (such as carrots, beans or tomatoes) instead of heavy cream, evaporated milk, or butter. This move will also add fiber and nutrients to your dish for very few calories plus it is a good way to get kids (or finicky adults) to eat veggies they don’t even know they are eating.
  • When making cream-based soups, substitute fat-free half-and-half for any heavy cream. The switch gives the soups a creamy taste and velvety texture without all the saturated fat of heavy cream. This works great in pasta sauces too.


  • I joined a health club last year; spent about 400 bucks. Haven’t lost a pound. Apparently you have to show up.
  • The advantage of exercising every day is that you die healthier.
  • I really don’t think I need buns of steel. I’d be happier with buns of cinnamon. – Ellen DeGeneres
  • I believe every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don’t intend to waste any of mine running around doing exercises. – Neil Armstrong
  • I don’t get why people pay to exercise in a GYM when it’s FREE to not exercise. – Bridger Winegar
  • America has got to be the only country in the world where people need energy drinks to sit in front of a computer. – Mike Vanatta
  • If you want to get in shape, go to the gym every single day, change your clothes and take a shower. If you can do that every single day for a month, pretty soon you’ll start doing something while you’re there. – Seth Godin

On a serious note though, if you need help with nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, an exercise based goal or just need some motivation we are here to help.  As always, we offer a free consultation and introductory workout.  Contact us at 678-417-0880 ext. 8301 /  info@bodyrich.com

Paula Jamieson

Bodyrich Fitness Company

Certified Personal Trainer & Certified Fitness Nutritionist




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