If you, your spouse, your children, other family members or friends were unable to speak and needed help, would anyone know who you are or who to contact?  What about special medical conditions or allergies?

Participation in outdoor sports, events and activities including running, cycling, hiking and other recreational activities has increased immensely over the past several years. Sometimes participation in these activities can make it inconvenient to carry traditional forms of identification (license, passport, work/school ID etc.) Even if you do carry one of these items with you while you are out, traditional ID does not provide adequate information about your medical conditions or family contact information. Should something happen to you and you need help, both of these are critical in treating an injured person.

Unfortunately, accidents involving recreational activities are prevalent and increasing in number. In 2003 over 387,000 pedestrians (including walkers, joggers and runners) and bicyclist were injured in accidents – 129,000 of them were traffic related. The current estimates are well over 500,000 runners and cyclists involved in roadway accidents annually.

Personal identification and medical information could save your life in an accident or emergency situation – to be effective, ID must be worn on the body. There are several companies now that offer a variety of portable and convenient ID and Medical Alert options. Most of these are fairly inexpensive ($19.99 – $24.99 average) and considering they may save a life, they are priceless.

My personal favorite is the Road ID shoe strap that velcros onto your shoe lace. This is great for runners, bikers and is very popular as a kids ID as well. Road ID also carries ID’s for wrist, neck, shoe pouches as well as one that fits on the popular Fitbits. They have room for 6 lines of information (which is plenty of room for name, address and medical alerts). For an additional $9.99/year you can get the “interactive” Road ID which has a 24 hour live emergency support as well as a secure and updatable emergency response profile. This is great for people who travel, those who exercise alone or do not have family nearby and also for the elderly who live alone. There website is www.roadid.com. A few others are www.crosstrainid.com , www.1bandid.com , www.tagxpress.com and www.goneforarun.com/laceitup_idmeband . You can also make your own ID card and have it laminated but just be sure to keep it on you.

Be seen, be heard and be known – even if you cannot speak.

Paula Jamieson

Bodyrich Fitness Company

Certified Personal Trainer / Fitness Nutritionist / Exercise Therapy Specialist

678-417-0880 ext. 8301 / info@bodyrich.com     www.bodyrichfitness.com



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