From all of us here at Bodyrich Fitness Company we wish you and yours a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving filled with family, food and blessings.


Also, in case you are curious, you can use this handy chart, of typical Thanksgiving foods, to figure out approximately how many miles you’ll need to run to burn off your Thanksgiving dinner:

Dark meat turkey w/ skin 8 oz.
(2-3 slices)
424 3.5
White meat turkey w/o skin 8 oz. 316 2.6
Stuffing 1 cup 320 2.7
Green bean casserole 1 scoop 161 1.3
Roasted brussel sprouts 4 oz. 80 0.7
Sweet potato casserole w/ marshmallows 1 scoop 609 5.1
Mashed potatoes 1 cup 237 2
Gravy 1/4 cup 206 1.7
Cranberry sauce 1 slice 86 0.7
Dinner roll with butter 1 roll 310 2.6
Cornbread One piece 173 1.4
Pumpkin pie 1 slice 316 2.6
Pecan pie 1 slice 503 4.2
Whipped cream 1/2 cup 75 0.6
White wine 5 oz. glass 122 1
Apple cider 1 cup 117 1
Coffee with cream and sugar 1 cup 77 0.6

If you ate this entire Thanksgiving meal (and didn’t go for second helpings), you’d have to run 34.3 miles just to burn it off…but remember, it is just one day so as long as you jump back into a regular exercise and nutrition plan just enjoy – gobble, gobble!

If you do find yourself packing on extra pounds, want to tone up before the rest of the holidays or just need assistance in getting started on a healthy lifestyle, we would love to help.  Contact us at 770-330-2126 or email info@bodyrich.com.

Paula Jamieson

Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutritionist, Exercise Therapy Specialist

Bodyrich Fitness Company





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