Spring is in full bloom – with longer days and warmer temps there’s no better time of year then now to rev up your fitness.  Check out the top 5 Spring fitness trends for 2016.

Wearable Technology:  This trend, in its first year, has already made its way to the top of the list. The term “wearable technology” includes everything from activity trackers, smart watches to heart rate monitors. A study by the University of Chicago recently came to the conclusion that tracking your steps, calories burned or analyzing your sleep can make you happy. People who track their steps (and compare this number with their partner or friends) are more motivated to increase their steps the next day. Fitness trackers accompany you around the clock and help you lead a more active and healthier lifestyle.

Bodyweight Training: Have you ever heard of bodyweight training, i.e. training with your own body weight? This trend has appeared on the list of top fitness trends for the last two years and is probably so popular because you can do the workouts anytime, anywhere. No equipment is necessary so no excuses when you are traveling not to workout. Body weight resistance is a good exercise to keep your core and stabilizer muscles and tendons in check and strong. Some examples: push-ups, burpees, crunches, lunges, squats, etc.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): Are you looking to put on muscle and lose weight? An effective and fast way to achieve these goals is high-intensity interval training. The workout consists of intervals with short and intense exercises. A HIIT training session usually lasts less than 30 minutes. Thus, it’s perfect for all those with a busy schedule. It can be a walk with short run spurts; circuit of weights and cardio; bodyweight training with plyometric bursts, etc.

Exercise and Weight Loss: According to the annual survey of the American College of Sports Medicine the combination of exercise and weight loss is probably the most common and stead-fast fitness trend each year. We are all so sure that regular exercise is good for your body, but don’t forget that the right nutrition is important for achieving lasting results – as the saying goes, abs are made in the kitchen. The main thing is to give your body time, it is the only way to achieve long-lasting results and to avoid the yo-yo effect. Fad diets, powders and fasts do give temporary results but to have real, lasting results you need to eat a variety of good foods and exercise. Also, you want to track your weight loss progress by the composition of muscle mass, fat and water – the number on the scale is not always the entire story as muscle weighs more than fat.

Yoga: It doesn’t matter what type of yoga – power yoga, Pilates, hot yoga, bikram yoga etc. this fitness trend has been around for years. Yoga keeps the body lengthened and strong and it is also great for people who run to help keep them injury free by keeping their core tight, strengthening deep muscles and helping with muscle balance and strength. Check out the following link for great yoga poses that can be incorporated into your cool-down after your run. https://www.runtastic.com/blog/en/guest-bloggers/10-yoga-exercises-you-can-do-after-running-part-i/

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Paula Jamieson

Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutritionist, Exercise Therapy Specialist

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